Ex Obama Staffer Reveals Obama/Trump Spying…$51 Billion–Your Pocket To The Ivy League…Gorsuch 60 Vote Crapola….Corrupt California AG Loves Planned Parenthood Money…Russia’s Real Collusion-With The Dems

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Getting Peeled Like An Onion–Obama Treason….Healthcare–Avoidable Mess…The Clinton/Podesta Russian Connection…Terror Tied Imam Is Plaintiff In Hawaii Travel Ban Case

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Bama Behind Bars–Just Might Be…Starving The Swamp Creatures…10,000 US Troops In The Fight….The Russian Balloon Gets Popped…Economy Up–So Is Inflation

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The Suck Of The Stinking Swamp Creatures…The Traitors Show Their Hand–And The Left Press Proves It!…Trump Reverses Everything…Obama/Jarrett/Progressives Terrified–And They Should Be…Rise Of The Special Prosecutor

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Obama VS Trump–Treason VS America First…The Battle For The Soul Of The Republic Has NOW Really Begun….Real Long Term Plan Of The Alt Left…Unholy Alliance Of Islamists And The Left–Light bulbs Begin To Blink…Engage Or Be Destroyed

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