ISIS…IRS…The Border…Benghazi…VA…Feeling Bewildered? Numb? Hopeless? You Are Supposed To–Gets You Off The Track Of The Far Bigger Picture: The Inexorable Result of These–And Other Matters Hidden By The Clutter

What should we think of men and women behind these acts, lack of acts, fraud, treason and criminality–or of the acts, lies and incredulous cover ups aided and abetted almost unanimously by entrenched Democrats and Progressives at every level of state and Federal government?  We aren’t supposed to–we are meant […] READ MORE»

Syria, Libya, Egypt, China, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Israel, Poland , Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Pakistan, Iran—The Short List Of Trouble Spots

The areas above have problems ranging from serious to ultra-severe—more places, more problems of far greater severity ranging from unchecked aggression to Muslim extremists regaining control through terror and torture, to economic instability. Not this many powder kegs, or some cases explosions since the late 1930’s, and one could argue that […] READ MORE»

WHAT I WOULD DO IF I WERE PUTIN’, or Netanyahu, or Cameron at 10 Downing Street, or King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, or the Mullahs in Iran, of the Shadow Powers in Beijing

A president who lies to his own people, breaks the supreme law of his land, the constitution, for personal and political gain, who draws lines in the sand and then goes golfing, who wags fingers of warning before being on a comedy show, who talks about lawyers while my tanks […] READ MORE»