An Air Force Base–Two Who Salute The Anthem–A Story From College–And A Big Realization…Regulations–A 38 Trillion Loss

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Russian Uranium-We Were First To Shout…Hillary And Obama–Two Ugly Deceitful Sides Of A Dark Progressive Coin…How Would You Like A $4,000 Interest Bill? You Have One…Your Tax Dollars–Gagging Now? Just You Wait…Oregon’s Tax By The Mile Coming Your Way…

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Islamic Terror Subterfuge Continues–The Death Of Small Business–Taxed To Simply Breath…All Interrelated…And The Most Important Item To Your And Your Family’s Survival

The purposeful charade of Obama  (how do you spell Hussein) and progressive/Muslim minions continues…America sinks to 12th, from number one for small biz formation, taxes are up 3 trillion (and he wants another three) and for the first time ever, more small businesses die, than are born. As go small […] »

Islamic Extremist Terrorism–Words Obama Can’t/Won’t Utter…How Do We Restore Freedom And Constitution–A First Time Ever Article V Convention?…And 300,000 Listeners–Thank You!–Pass It On!

A President raised Muslim, and minions who refuse to call the enemy by name, (usually averting the word terror), who at the same time ransacks defense and intelligence agencies, does not allow interrogations, insists that “the world is a safer place”, that “the war on terror is over”, “the (unnamed) enemy […] »

One Last 2015 Prediction–Obama Cooperate/Compromise On Anything? Not A Chance (Except Meaningless Appearance). Understand Who He Really Is–Background, Family, Mentors, Associates, Insecurities

The pundits smile at the camera and blithely assure us Obama and Congress, progressives and conservatives, “will find common ground”…will “pick the low lying fruit of compromise” and yaddy yaddy. Hogwash. The mainstream media types are either uninformed, blind, or deliberately misleading–or all three.  Listen to my interviews of Denish […] »