Behind The Scenes On ObamaCare–What’s Really Wrong–And 100 Case Studies On Real Folks Getting Squashed–And The Next Shoe? Cap And Trade Carbon Taxes–Phil Valentine Will Tell You All About It–And His Book, The Conservative’s Handbook: Defining The Right Position On Issues From A To Z

Reid and Phil Valentine, named by Talkers Magazine as one of the top 100 hosts in the country, start the show with a chilling discussion on global warming–climate change–and how the left in conspiracy with this government is using the EPA and other under the table tactics–far outside the bounds of law–to put […] READ MORE»

The Middle Class–The Orange in the Juice Squeezer–How The Untruthful Triumvirate Of Hollywood, Media and White House Coordinate To Cover it UP–And Did You Know the Debt Ceiling Was NOT Raised? Hi Children–Here is Your 500k Gift–EACH

Join Reid and James Hirsen–author of Tales from the Left Coast, a  NYT Bestselling book, and frequent guest on all major networks from CNN and MSNBC to ABC to Fox and America’s largest radio shows from Savage to Baldwin, Ingraham and Prager for a discussion of how Hollywood, and the entertainment media in […] READ MORE»

Behind the Shutdown – The Hypocrisy, Politics, Appalling And Crass Disregard For The American People And The Electorate Intelligence. See What John LeBoutillier and Reid Have to Say

Join Reid and John LeBoutillier, author of The Obama Identity, and weekly Fox TV personality with Pat Caddell on Political Insiders 3:00pm Sundays, and conservative personality featured in many national periodicals and networks, for a sobering discussion that begins in the Mid-East, and the perfect storm brewing there (our wallets […] READ MORE»

The Shutdown–Vindictive, Political Pain, and Detroit–The Canary in Coal Mine As Debt Limit Showdown Hurtles Toward Us

Join Reid for two fisted delivery–one swing on the games being played on this so-called shutdown. It seems the President is more interested in trying to talk the markets into a decline–hurting millions of investors, and tens of millions of retirement plans (including yours), leaving the borders open, and denying […] READ MORE»

THE BANKRUPTCY OF AMERICA–Economic, Moral, Social. How Close Is It? What Can We Do About It? Bill Glynn–Co-Founder Of ISB Global Shares His Thoughts

Join Reid and ISB co-founder and financier Bill Glynn, author of “The United States of Bankruptcy: 20 Great Ways to Save the American Way of Life,” for a wide ranging, passionate discussion of the problems facing the nation, both esoteric and financial–a perfect follow-up show to the four-part ObamaCare series just […] READ MORE»

YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!…Wayne Allyn Root–Presidential Candidate, Target of IRS, Author of Ultimate ObamaCare Survival Guide–the Perfect Wrap-up to Our Four Part ObamaCare Series–Your Eyes Will Cross!

If you have listened to Reid’s previous four “here is the rest of the story”  shows on ObamaCare, the first with Kimberly Amadeo, on economics, the second with Dr. Timothy Jost–ardent backer of and mouthpiece for the administration in favor of ObamaCare, the third with Dr Elizabeth Vliet–sharing the buried […] READ MORE»