FREE BOOK!! Obamacare – Symbolic of Progressive (Communist) Failure–Part Two. It Has Never Worked–Not In 5,000 Years. Obamacare? Merely Indicative Of The Real, Chilling End Goals Of Progressives. Join Reid And Lowell Ponte For A Continuation Of This Frightening, Eye Opening, Need To Know Exposure Of Their Dark Ambitions.

Obamacare is a dismal failure–and like other progressive policy is based on the fraud and lies of its proponents and architects. It is all part of the progressive mantra–and long term plan. Reid and Lowell Ponte, co-author with Craig smith of The Great Withdrawal – How the Progressives’ 100-year Debasement of America and […] READ MORE»

The Lawsuit That May Sink Obamacare–Doctor Takes On Obama–IRS–Government–And Reveals In-depth Knowledge Of How This Law Will Hurt Women, Families, The Elderly, Doctors, Hospitals, And YOU–Without Exception–Interactive Map, By State/Gender/Age Of What The “Affordable” Care Act Is Going To Cost You.

Join Reid and Dr. Larry Kawa, D.D.S.–doctor, philanthropist for decades for a startling discussion of the legal Achilles tendon of Obamacare, the lawsuit Larry has brought with Judicial Watch, and several other legal actions that have a high likelihood of surviving and winding their way through the Federal court system […] READ MORE»

HOW ABOUT A FREE BOOK? Obamacare –The Failure Of Progressivism (Communism). It Has Never Worked–Not In 5,000 Years. Obama care is just a symptom. What Is A Progressive? The History Of Progressivism In The US? The Goals Of Progressives? Join Reid and Craig Smith–A Chilling Assessment.

Obamacare is a dismal failure–one that could not have been voted in, nor supported by many for so long without the fraud and lies of its proponents, starting with Obama. It is all part of the progressive mantra. Reid and Craig Smith, author of The Great Withdrawal – How the Progressives’ […] READ MORE»

Behind The Scenes On ObamaCare–What’s Really Wrong–And 100 Case Studies On Real Folks Getting Squashed–And The Next Shoe? Cap And Trade Carbon Taxes–Phil Valentine Will Tell You All About It–And His Book, The Conservative’s Handbook: Defining The Right Position On Issues From A To Z

Reid and Phil Valentine, named by Talkers Magazine as one of the top 100 hosts in the country, start the show with a chilling discussion on global warming–climate change–and how the left in conspiracy with this government is using the EPA and other under the table tactics–far outside the bounds of law–to put […] READ MORE»

The Middle Class–The Orange in the Juice Squeezer–How The Untruthful Triumvirate Of Hollywood, Media and White House Coordinate To Cover it UP–And Did You Know the Debt Ceiling Was NOT Raised? Hi Children–Here is Your 500k Gift–EACH

Join Reid and James Hirsen–author of Tales from the Left Coast, a  NYT Bestselling book, and frequent guest on all major networks from CNN and MSNBC to ABC to Fox and America’s largest radio shows from Savage to Baldwin, Ingraham and Prager for a discussion of how Hollywood, and the entertainment media in […] READ MORE»

Behind the Shutdown – The Hypocrisy, Politics, Appalling And Crass Disregard For The American People And The Electorate Intelligence. See What John LeBoutillier and Reid Have to Say

Join Reid and John LeBoutillier, author of The Obama Identity, and weekly Fox TV personality with Pat Caddell on Political Insiders 3:00pm Sundays, and conservative personality featured in many national periodicals and networks, for a sobering discussion that begins in the Mid-East, and the perfect storm brewing there (our wallets […] READ MORE»