Immigration Healthcare Billions…Why Trump Rattles World Leaders…The Job Numbers Lies of Obama And the G7….The Next Ten Unlucky Members of The “I was A Clinton Fan And Now I am Dead Club”

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TSA Trauma…Chinese Menace…Hillary Lied–47 People Died–You Decide–Part One…Virginia’s McCauliff/Hillary Crony in FBI Sights…Trump Settles Down–Not Quite…Obamacare Wallet Surprise (Ugly)…

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Trump Lose? Think Again! More Propelant for Higher Oil Prices…Obama/Hillary-2 peas, same pod.

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The San Diego Terror Mosque…Pelosi says Tax Your Retirement For Illegals…Obama’s Five Million Amnesty–Social Security/Entitlements/Your Pocket…Mid East “Refugees”–2,000 Americans Dead Or Wounded?…CAIR Sues Over Terror Watch List….HUGE Supreme Court Case This Monday (Two Days From Now)

Part 1 Part 2 ObamaCare Domestic Matters and Politics Diarmaid Ferriter: Analysis of Trump’s success doesn’t go deep enough State spends half million fighting for ‘Amazon tax’ it can’t keep International The Pentagon has admitted that it’s currently training Syrian rebels. AIR FRANCE WANTS FLIGHT ATTENDANTS TO WEAR HIJAB IN […] »

Syrian Trojan Horse…Treason in Football…Terror: The Economic War…UK Tax Dollars To Terror…CAIR–The FBI Puppeteer…Twenty Fun Reasons To Vote For Trump

Part 1 Part 2 ObamaCare STATES IGNORING FEDERAL BAN AGAINST GIVING ILLEGALS OBAMACARE BENEFITS Domestic Matters and Politics International Days After Obama Left Cuba, Castro Just Sent Him A NASTY Surprise He Never Expected Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina… Really! Family Safety Obama: We’ll Win the War with ISIL By […] »

Scared? Nope–Pissed!!…Muslim Brotherhood In The White House…Your Taxes Funding Terrorism (first installment)…Trump/Cruz Kiddies–Grow Up!!…The Listeners Speak

Part 1 Part 2 ObamaCare Domestic Matters and Politics How Obama, Dems plan to win fight on high court Chief justice rejects Comey’s FBI makes waveslea to block air pollution rule Black Pastor Takes Stage at Trump Event, Crowd’s Response Is Explosive Vocal Trump critics in GOP open to supporting […] »