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oreillyTruth is, after watching again the entire Obama/O’Reily interview (all 20 minutes posted here) I am so disgusted, so angry, and yes–as Harry Potter would say, stupefied, that I will let that interview, Obama’s “answers”, body language and continuation of frauds ALREADY CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN TO BE UNTRUE, speak for themselves. Don’t miss the teeth gritting pieces on further military degradation to the detriment of those serving and who have served…and common core–insidious attempt to steal your children’s minds, and turn them against your values…or the international–Iran pushing forward, Obama’s lies on Syria exposed just days after SOTU (no–they are not turning over the chemical weapons), Argentina going broke, showdown looming in the Ukraine, Israel going it alone…and finance–the new MyRA, metals, markets and interest rates –and jobs–this dismal economy and job market. And some juicy tidbits in “scandals” that will make you retch–perpetrated to add injury to insult with your money…and  good ole Obama care (Obama Does Not Care)–the surprises keep on coming–and On The Right Side warned you about them two years ago–2.3 million jobs to go bye, bye per CBO, Dems crowding that folks working less and taking more dole is a good thing, children denied basic and critical services, cost now up to one trillion overrun, web site still insecure, not functioning, not affording coverage to folks who have paid.  Lots on Gun control too–see what surprised the ant gun crowd , led He who despises “bitter clingers”, and last, but not least–the growing threat of terror, and acts of terrorism here and abroad that are being hidden from you while Barry crows about the enemy being decimated.

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 GOP lawmakers question Obama’s Benghazi claims from O’Reilly interview

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