Behind The Scenes On ObamaCare–What’s Really Wrong–And 100 Case Studies On Real Folks Getting Squashed–And The Next Shoe? Cap And Trade Carbon Taxes–Phil Valentine Will Tell You All About It–And His Book, The Conservative’s Handbook: Defining The Right Position On Issues From A To Z

Reid and Phil Valentine, named by Talkers Magazine as one of the top 100 hosts in the country, start the show with a chilling discussion on global warming–climate change–and how the left in conspiracy with this government is using the EPA and other under the table tactics–far outside the bounds of law–to put a damper on the economy and a siphon in your wallet. It is all in his bestselling book, The Conservative’s Handbook: Defining The Right Position On Issues From A To Z, and in his documentary, Inconsistent Truths…AND It is all about control, not reality. Hear the truth about cooked scientific books, the spin the big government folks put on data that does not support their position, and what their plans are for your energy future. Couple that coming hike in heat, travel, transportation and just about every product, goods and service with the wild hike coming your way  (if it has not already) in health insurance costs and premiums, and burgeoning new taxes and the squeeze on the middle class, and your kid’s future, is tightening. It is all tied in–all intentional–and all about control. There is some hope on the ObamaCare front–lawsuits hurtling toward the supreme court–one of them about yet another overreach of the IRS in contravention of the very decision made by the Supremes last year…Don’t miss the information filled articles below–including heart rending and frightening stories of more than 100 families caught in the vice grip of ObamaCare–loss of policies, doubling of premiums and doubling or more of deductibles. Those promises were lies–just like the misleading quotes for prices on the new government health sites–uncovered by CBS news.

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Be sure to checkout Phil’s documentary Inconsistent Truths–The definitive answer to Al Gore’s movie. An Inconsistent Truth not only explores the flawed science behind the global warming movement but the culture that drives the hysteria. Despite what the global warming alarmists claim, there is no consensus on this issue. Temperatures have been steady for the past decade and the alarmists are scrambling for an explanation. The only explanation is that they’ve been horribly wrong. We’ve spent billions of dollars chasing a fantasy. It’s time the people learned the truth about the science, the driving forces behind the global warming movement and who’s been making money at the expense of ignorance.

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