I Don’t Want Your Guns…I Am Keeping You Safe…The Economy Is Great…I Care. Four MORE Obama Lies

Part 1 Part 2   “Islam and Europe–Western Civilization Under Intentional Attack–Watch This Video!”’ ObamaCare Domestic Matters and Politics Poverty Inc.: Finally A Film Exposes A Deeply Flawed Industry 5 Maps Showing the Extreme Variance in U.S. Population Distribution GALLUP: GOVERNMENT IS NATION’S BIGGEST PROBLEM Oregon Is Battleground For Constitutional […] »

Have You Heard About The Refugees?…Nobel Peace Prize Remorse…The Shemitah and the Four Blood Moons…The Global Economy Spelled Unstable.

The last time we had a full convergence of the four blood moons and the Shemitah was 1929–partial convergences in, for instance 2000, and 2007?  Coincidence?  Or a continuation of an eerie, ancient economic and war pattern since tracking began back in the 1700’s? Barry and his Nobel Prize–oh!  Now it […] »

Energies From The Military…The Message From Barnes And Noble…. And A Convergence Of Dark Events–Can You Feel It?

  ObamaCare Obamacare Premiums Set to Soar  Domestic Matters and Politics International Kerry to Israelis: Stop the ‘Hysteria’ over Iran Deal Family Safety Better Than a Firearm? 8 Vital Skills Victims Don’t Have The War On Cash: Officially Sanctioned Theft Solar Air Lantern Ideology CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield Apologizes For Calling […] »

The Secret Behind The Fall Of Ramadi, And ISIS’s Brilliant Strategy…And The Tie-in To Today–71st Anniversary Of D-Day…What The Greatest Generation Left Us, VS What We Are Leaving Our Kids– Can You Spell Dishonor?

  Ramadi is not “just a set back”, nothing “to set your hair on fire about”, a “reversible bump in the road”…all the crap you have been fed by the White House, Democrats, and unfortunately, some in the Pentagon. It is far more than that, and no–it ain’t about oil […] »

ISIS, Nukes and Mexico…EPA And Your Yard….Reid’s Early Takes/Thoughts On The Dem And Republican Candidates For President

A year ago we brought up the dots of porous borders, nukes in the mid-east, and ISIS–and now some chilling revelations and boasts by the Jihadis.  The EPA and Army Corp–lying to you (again). Two Thousand pages of new regs governing the mud puddles in your driveway, the run off […] »

All A Mirage–No Union Decline, Cooking The Economic Books, Strength Of The Dollar, Hillary’s Nonsense, Obama’s Love Of Israel (and women, Christians and gays)…China Building Military Islands (literally) in the South China Sea, Russian Bombers 50 Miles off of Both U.S. Coasts Every Day

Join Reid for a real eye opener…this is stuff you have never heard– lies from our government concerning unions, the dollar, the economy (unemployment, GDP, inflation) you can’t even contemplate and could never imagine, enemies on the march right off our coasts and literally building islands from scratch in the South China […] »