Allies Under The Bus-Russia On The Move–ISIS Up To 50,000–Voter Fraud And The Illegal–Foreign Ebola Patients On Us Soil By US Taxpayers–34 Million Alien ID Cards–Are you Motivated To Vote?

The beat goes on. Anonymous (not just communists and Islamic extremist sympathizers, but cowards to boot) gloat over how Obama delays to Israel taking out Iranian nuclear facilities has now gone past the red line and Israel can no longer act. How wrong they are–How do you spell tactical nuclear […] READ MORE»

The Choices You Make Today, Will Affect Your Life–or Whether You live–Tomorrow.

Read the articles and peruse the links under our new section–Security and Family Safety, listen to the interview with Nancy Steorts. Think. Plan. Get out of the normalcy bias, and act.   Special: Collapse of the Euro, a Mideast War, Social unrest, an EMP attack—IMAGINE THE UNIMAGINABLE AND PLAN! Do […] READ MORE»

Reid’s Podcast Takes On Obama’s Speech–What You Have Not Heard Elsewhere…The Military Gets Kicked Again…More Unpleasant Obama Does Not Care Surprises…Must Reads For Women…Your Retirement at Risk…International Monetary Systems Begin Unraveling

And the news just keeps rolling in–most of it you have not heard, some of it yet to happen, and some contained in warnings by Reid more than a year ago. Obama’s State of the Union–if America was a tooth, he would root for the decay–lies and omissions, all of them […] READ MORE»