Scared? Nope–Pissed!!…Muslim Brotherhood In The White House…Your Taxes Funding Terrorism (first installment)…Trump/Cruz Kiddies–Grow Up!!…The Listeners Speak

Part 1 Part 2 ObamaCare Domestic Matters and Politics How Obama, Dems plan to win fight on high court Chief justice rejects Comey’s FBI makes waveslea to block air pollution rule Black Pastor Takes Stage at Trump Event, Crowd’s Response Is Explosive Vocal Trump critics in GOP open to supporting […] READ MORE»

Merrick Not A 2nd Amendment Fan…Republican Establishment Shows Colors…$7 Trillion Auto, Student, Energy Time Bomb…The Wyoming Caucus–Grass Roots Republic

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The Nukes of March…Treason At The UN…Muslim Brotherhood Battle Lines…No Savings On Gas…The Deep State Is Afraid…Who I Choose To Back–And Why

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Family Safety Thoughts…The Republicans…Hillary– “Who Me?”…Terror’s Big Plans…Big Picture Economics–The Demographic Wave And The Demise Of The Affluent…Government’s Twisted Stats

  Part 1 Part 2  ***** For our On The Right Side Radio web listeners, and our AM audience–again we have an adjunct–about 16 minutes–for you today. This one covers Romney And The Republican Establishment, and The Price Of Oil–Dangers In Saudi Arabia. Enjoy! *****   ObamaCare Domestic Matters and […] READ MORE»

The Boys Debate…Supreme Court–It’s Three, Not One…The Stats–Minimum Wage Minimizes Jobs…The Walmart Canary (In The Economic Mine Shaft)

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Campaign Nuances–HUUUUGE…Iranian Skulduggery…Obama Orders DHS Delete of Islamist Files..More Economic Lies…America Slips On Every Measurement Of International Underlying Econometrics…ISIS $500 Million…Canada Says Screw You

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