Memorial Day

April 19, 1776 the first American soldiers fell in a haze of musket smoke on the spring-green commons of Lexington and Concord. It was America’s very first call to the defense of Freedom. The battles for Liberty since then are legend, and today, the sacrifice continues in the hot, dry, brutal sands of a viscious Mid East. […] READ MORE»

They Are Coming—For Your Land, Your Property, Your Freedoms, And The Guns The Founders Intended Be Owned To Protect Those Fundamental Rights And Assets

A short broadcast today—another ringing of the alarms over the stealth and overt actions of the government intended to undermine and eventually divest you of your property and other rights—Bundy is just a symbol of a far larger struggle—notwithstanding his incredibly foolish voicing, and painfully inarticulate attempt at explanation. Now […] READ MORE»