An Air Force Base–Two Who Salute The Anthem–A Story From College–And A Big Realization…Regulations–A 38 Trillion Loss

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Three Dimensional Geopolitical, Military and Economic Chess–More Dicey By The Day…April 19th, 1775–the “shot heard round the world”–When America Was Truly Born–A Story of What Really happened…ISIS Training 8 Miles From US Border

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The VA Mess —Dishonor And The Dollar—What It All Means Big Picture…Just the Tip Of The Iceberg, And The US Dollar Is The Titanic

What does it say when a society can not take care of it’s warriors, breaching a sacred trust and promise? Or when that societies’ “leaders” pound their chests about all the money they have thrown at a long known problem they profess to be surprised with? And what does a bloated bureaucracy, […] READ MORE»

WHAT I WOULD DO IF I WERE PUTIN’, or Netanyahu, or Cameron at 10 Downing Street, or King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, or the Mullahs in Iran, of the Shadow Powers in Beijing

A president who lies to his own people, breaks the supreme law of his land, the constitution, for personal and political gain, who draws lines in the sand and then goes golfing, who wags fingers of warning before being on a comedy show, who talks about lawyers while my tanks […] READ MORE»

Behind The Scenes On ObamaCare–What’s Really Wrong–And 100 Case Studies On Real Folks Getting Squashed–And The Next Shoe? Cap And Trade Carbon Taxes–Phil Valentine Will Tell You All About It–And His Book, The Conservative’s Handbook: Defining The Right Position On Issues From A To Z

Reid and Phil Valentine, named by Talkers Magazine as one of the top 100 hosts in the country, start the show with a chilling discussion on global warming–climate change–and how the left in conspiracy with this government is using the EPA and other under the table tactics–far outside the bounds of law–to put […] READ MORE»

A Profound Reorientation Of All Humans?

Posted by Tony Adkins on Conservative Daily on March 30, 2013 “Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by every person on Earth…it calls for specific changes in the activities of all people… Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of […] READ MORE»