Campaign Nuances–HUUUUGE…Iranian Skulduggery…Obama Orders DHS Delete of Islamist Files..More Economic Lies…America Slips On Every Measurement Of International Underlying Econometrics…ISIS $500 Million…Canada Says Screw You

  Part 1 Part 2   ObamaCare Domestic Matters and Politics International VIDEO: Protestors March Against Islam Across Europe. In UK Carry Signs: “TRUMP IS RIGHT” MORE PROOF OBAMA IS ACTIVELY SUPPORTING THE MOVEMENT TO DELEGITIMIZE THE STATE OF ISRAEL Syria conflict: Jordanians ‘at boiling point’ over refugees Family Safety […] READ MORE»

Intentional Iranian “Error”…Nurturing ISIS…Hillary’s Server–A Cash Stash?…Say it Aint So–Michelle For President?

Part 1 Part 2   The words of a great American–true then, true now, true always. Don’t miss this video!     ObamaCare Domestic Matters and Politics Senate will vote to override Obama’s veto on water rule Nanny state bans vacation plans Welfare Leech Complains About $1,700 Per Month Benefits […] READ MORE»

Polishing Trump’s Take On Muslims…Obama Fraud–Funding The Left Via Chase Bank…Chinese Credit Score Mind Control…Global Economy Icing..War Cycles Simmering…ISIS Land Grab Uncontained (What They Forgot To Mention)

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Our Environmental Protectors…Taxing Guns And Ammo…”Alien” No Longer In English Language…The Iran Deal–Worse Than You Think–And What You Did Not Know (Not For The Faint Hearted)

An array of startling, incredible tid bits from Seattle’s new Violence Tax on guns and ammo, to California outlawing the word “alien” (It makes folks feel soooooo inferior) Reid again brings you behind the scenes news that will make your jaw drop, and your blood boil…and the then there is the Iranian […] READ MORE»

Chinese Implosion…Hillary The Ex Nominee …Republicans–If They Do This, They WILL Win…The Candidates–Reid’s Take…Finger Printing for Food in Commie Venzuela…Want to Get Arrested–Talk Guns On the Internet

What the Republican strategy ought to be, and who is electable in the big race–waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important than who is ahead in the primaries. A unique view of each candidate–and what should be the Republican Team, rather than the Republican Candidate. It is all about the most conservative person–and the team around […] READ MORE»