Don’t Worry–Safer Than It’s Ever Been–Obama/Kerry…The Most Dangerous in Forty Five Years–DNI And CIA…Obama’s Shadow Government Amok–Say “Bullets, Water, Internet” And More…Inflation-Coming For Sure…How to Power Your House In Dark Times

Join Reid for a wide ranging discussion on the Biggest Lie yet (now, that’s saying something)–this one meant to conceal the dangers to person, property, life of you and your family out there in the world–growing, fermenting, gaining power and capability while Obama, Kerry, Rice (gag us all), the State Department and […] READ MORE»

The Choices You Make Today, Will Affect Your Life–or Whether You live–Tomorrow.

Read the articles and peruse the links under our new section–Security and Family Safety, listen to the interview with Nancy Steorts. Think. Plan. Get out of the normalcy bias, and act.   Special: Collapse of the Euro, a Mideast War, Social unrest, an EMP attack—IMAGINE THE UNIMAGINABLE AND PLAN! Do […] READ MORE»