Merrick Not A 2nd Amendment Fan…Republican Establishment Shows Colors…$7 Trillion Auto, Student, Energy Time Bomb…The Wyoming Caucus–Grass Roots Republic

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Polishing Trump’s Take On Muslims…Obama Fraud–Funding The Left Via Chase Bank…Chinese Credit Score Mind Control…Global Economy Icing..War Cycles Simmering…ISIS Land Grab Uncontained (What They Forgot To Mention)

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The Dots Of Jihad…The Dots of Obama And Crew’s “Muslim Sympathies”…Russia’s Real Chess Game…Alternative Logic On The Syrian Refugees–It Makes Sense!

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Baltimore 6.4 Million Dollars–Iran 150 Billion Dollars, Birds Of The Same Dark Feathers…Of Treason, Reparations, Social Justice and Retribution

Hillary’s emails, Obama and Kerry’s Iran deal, Baltimore’s settlement. They are a pattern, unbroken, clever, evil, carefully orchestrated and oblivious to public welfare or opinion, America, her values, constitution, faith, families and security. These folks are neither “clueless” nor “very stupid”. They are malevolently brilliant. Now–what are we going to […] READ MORE»

That Which Is Worse Might Result In What Is Best

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Our Environmental Protectors…Taxing Guns And Ammo…”Alien” No Longer In English Language…The Iran Deal–Worse Than You Think–And What You Did Not Know (Not For The Faint Hearted)

An array of startling, incredible tid bits from Seattle’s new Violence Tax on guns and ammo, to California outlawing the word “alien” (It makes folks feel soooooo inferior) Reid again brings you behind the scenes news that will make your jaw drop, and your blood boil…and the then there is the Iranian […] READ MORE»