Obama’s Czars Ruining America, Corruption, Over Political Correctness And An Unprecedented Federal Land Grab.

As many of Reid’s followers know, he is signing books at the big Buffalo Bill celebration in Golden Colorado this weekend. There is the usual assortment of great articles with facts you have never heard from many, many sources, and we have selected one of his great past shows–concerning the […] »

Obama and Hillary Smoke Obscures the Fires Of Internet Takeover, Iran At 20% Enrichment, Admissions About Climate Change, More Obama Care Fiascos, ATF Ammunition Bans–YOUR RIGHTS/YOUR WEALTH/YOUR FREEDOMS

  Once again Reid reaches out and grabs the bare, dark essence of all those things the MSM dares not whisper (instead striving to keep us preoccupied with the purposeful distractions of the moment) that directly and daily impact the health, safety, welfare and freedoms of you and yours. It […] »

Illusions of the progressives and the things that bubble behind the current media phobia

       Important Articles You Must Read: ObamaCare Obamacare: Largest NC Insurer Announces Double-Digit Premium Increases HHS-Funded Study: Obamacare Will Suffer ‘Death Spiral’ If Subsidies Fail Domestic Matters and Politics RED ALERT: Michelle Nunn Winning in Georgia, Closing-in on 50% Here Is Where We Stand! Scott Brown U.S Senate […] »

FREE BOOK!! Obamacare – Symbolic of Progressive (Communist) Failure–Part Two. It Has Never Worked–Not In 5,000 Years. Obamacare? Merely Indicative Of The Real, Chilling End Goals Of Progressives. Join Reid And Lowell Ponte For A Continuation Of This Frightening, Eye Opening, Need To Know Exposure Of Their Dark Ambitions.

Obamacare is a dismal failure–and like other progressive policy is based on the fraud and lies of its proponents and architects. It is all part of the progressive mantra–and long term plan. Reid and Lowell Ponte, co-author with Craig smith of The Great Withdrawal – How the Progressives’ 100-year Debasement of America and […] »