Progressivism–Marxism Disguised By A Name–Its Tentacles: Obamacare, NSA, Fast And Furious, Executive Orders, Senate Nuclear Option–The Real War On Women And Their Families Reid’s Recap Of The Last Ten Shows–With A Host Of New Mind Bending Facts You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

Join Reid for a glimpse at what you have not been told by a progressive press supporting a progressive administration with an extreme, dangerous progressive ideology, and end goals that closely resemble the agendas of Hitler, Lenin and Mao. A staccato of facts on little known, and just now emerging […] READ MORE»

FREE BOOK!! Obamacare – Symbolic of Progressive (Communist) Failure–Part Two. It Has Never Worked–Not In 5,000 Years. Obamacare? Merely Indicative Of The Real, Chilling End Goals Of Progressives. Join Reid And Lowell Ponte For A Continuation Of This Frightening, Eye Opening, Need To Know Exposure Of Their Dark Ambitions.

Obamacare is a dismal failure–and like other progressive policy is based on the fraud and lies of its proponents and architects. It is all part of the progressive mantra–and long term plan. Reid and Lowell Ponte, co-author with Craig smith of The Great Withdrawal – How the Progressives’ 100-year Debasement of America and […] READ MORE»