Baltimore 6.4 Million Dollars–Iran 150 Billion Dollars, Birds Of The Same Dark Feathers…Of Treason, Reparations, Social Justice and Retribution

Hillary’s emails, Obama and Kerry’s Iran deal, Baltimore’s settlement. They are a pattern, unbroken, clever, evil, carefully orchestrated and oblivious to public welfare or opinion, America, her values, constitution, faith, families and security. These folks are neither “clueless” nor “very stupid”. They are malevolently brilliant. Now–what are we going to […] READ MORE»

Chinese Implosion…Hillary The Ex Nominee …Republicans–If They Do This, They WILL Win…The Candidates–Reid’s Take…Finger Printing for Food in Commie Venzuela…Want to Get Arrested–Talk Guns On the Internet

What the Republican strategy ought to be, and who is electable in the big race–waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important than who is ahead in the primaries. A unique view of each candidate–and what should be the Republican Team, rather than the Republican Candidate. It is all about the most conservative person–and the team around […] READ MORE»

THE LESS THEY CARE, The More You Must. Your Pocket Book, Your Freedoms, Your Quality Of Life, And Yes–Likely Your Life Itself Are On The Line

It is evident by now to even the most casual liberal, (as differentiated from progressive), independent or conservative American–if they have even a single living brain cell–that the folks up there in DC beginning with the White House and percolating down through just about everyone that has a “D” in front […] READ MORE»

“Our Lives, Our Property, And Our Sacred Honor”–The Declaration of Independence. Do We Have The Same Courage? Time For A Birthday Present–The Solutions To Our Major Problems

Join Reid  for a discussion filled with hope for the future, faith in our ability as Americans to restore America, and specific thoughts on how we can– simply –turn the basket of sow ear problems we face as a nation and a people, into a treasure chest of silken prosperity, security, […] READ MORE»