Tenth Annual TROOPATHON Airs Today!

REID IS ON TV AGAIN!! Yep, for sure–as most of you know, Reid is fiercely dedicated to American History/American Values, and is a HUGE supporter of our troops with loads of military signings, presentations and donations… for instance 9,800 of Threads West series Book One for the deployed in the dangerous Mid East just […] READ MORE»

D-Day June 6, 1944

73 years ago today, their courage overcoming their fear, men and women in their teens and twenties from France, England, Canada and America floated on silken parachutes and dropped noiselessly in gliders through an inky, black night laced with tracer fire into an unknown land and the epic battle for Freedom.  Hours later, […] READ MORE»

Memorial Day

April 19, 1776 the first American soldiers fell in a haze of musket smoke on the spring-green commons of Lexington and Concord. It was America’s very first call to the defense of Freedom. The battles for Liberty since then are legend, and today, the sacrifice continues in the hot, dry, brutal sands of a viscious Mid East. […] READ MORE»

Update on Moccasin Tracks

Sittin’ on the top rail, waitin’ for the sun to rise. Kinda like waiting for Book 4. Yep–Moccasin Tracks is delayed, but only briefly (GRRRRR). More updates are on the way for our great readers VERY shortly, so keep your ears to the track!  A huge thanks for being Threads […] READ MORE»

It IS The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers…Just a “Few” Things Obama Forgot To Mention…64% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Their Accounts…Guantanamo Madness…Tortured Souls In The Back Of Pickups

Part 1 Part 2 VIDEO-The United West: Clinton-Obama Benghazi Gun Running Operation Exposed ObamaCare Obamacare – Dead Silence From This President, His Administration, The Liberal Media And Democrats Domestic Matters and Politics International Hungarian Paper Slams Merkel: ‘No Bastards On Earth More Abominable Than Liberal Pigs Digging Europe’s Grave Canada […] READ MORE»

How Did Reid Fair On His 2015 Predictions? He Grades Himself–But You Be The Judge…And Here are His Forecasts For 2016–Fasten Your Seat Belts And Be Prepared!!

Below are the links to Reid’s two New Years Shows of last year–listen in for yourself with the benefit of retrospect of the year just past! http://ontherightsideradio.com/another-year-gone-a-new-year-beginning-how-did-reid-do-on-his-2014-forecasts-you-be-the-judge-and-what-are-his-prognostications-for-2015-you-will-be-surprised/ http://ontherightsideradio.com/one-last-2015-prediction-obama-cooperatecompromise-on-anything-not-a-chance-except-meaningless-appearance-understand-who-he-really-is-background-family-mentors-associates-insecurities/   Part 1 Part 2   ObamaCare Domestic Matters and Politics CONGRESS “FORGOT” TO DEFUND OBAMA’S CLIMATE AGENDA! BRUTAL: Mayor’s 5-Word Statement About Obama […] READ MORE»