Almost TEN THOUSAND BOOKS Donated and Delivered to Our Great Men and Women Serving in Defense of Our Freedoms in the Dangerous Middle East by Reid!

Author Reid Lance Rosenthal Partners with MAF for Great Christmas Surprise for our Troops!

Support Troops MAF NewsLetter

Move America Forward was surprised and delighted to receive a special donation this past Christmas from Wyoming rancher and nationally acclaimed author Reid Lance Rosenthal –an amazing 9,800 copies of his #1 Best Selling Threads West, An American Saga, the first historical fiction novel of his iconic epic saga of the same name! The series enjoys a virtual even split between male and female readers which means all our troops will just love receiving this great read.  Threads West is the recipient of a whopping twenty six National Awards. Threads West is compared to Lonesome Dove, The Sacketts, Dances With Wolves and Centennial. Reviewers have dubbed the series the “Gone With The Wind Of The West”.

Threads West, which begins in May, 1854, is the story of America set in the West–it is our story–the tale of the weave of the American tapestry from the threads of lives of brave men and independent women of differing origins, uncommon cultures and competing ambitions over four generations in the West

Reid is fourth generation land and cattle. In addition to writing and ranching he is a well-known talk show host and is fiercely and proudly pro-American military. The inspiration for his remarkable donation, already in the hands of eager military readers around the world, is perhaps best summed up in his own words:  “It is an honor and a privilege to provide these books to you–the brave Support Troops MAF NewsLetterand women in harm’s way and far from home who protect the people and values of the red, white and blue.

I chose Move America Forward after much research.  They have not disappointed my faith in their leading resolve, organization and abilities to get these books in your hands, wherever you may be protecting America around a dangerous globe. You, like the courageous men and women of the past who live in the pages of these novels, are the contemporary heroes and heroines leaving their legend and footprint upon America and Freedom. The books are merely a humble thanks from one proud American. Be safe. Enjoy.”

We are delighted to be informed by Reid that he plans to make these types of amazing donations an annual holiday event for our troops through Move America Forward.  Thank you, Reid! For more information on Reid, his books, ranches and radio show,,,, and be sure to throw a Like to the Threads West Facebook page

A Word from MAF Co-Founder Melanie Morgan!

On January 25, I had the opportunity to venture forth from the Bay Area to visit the MAF offices in Sacramento as the volunteers there were preparing our first shipment of 2017 care packages.

Ever since co-founding Move America Forward back in 2004, I have been so proud of the great work done by our volunteers do to honor and thank our troops. Only by their efforts AND our donors who sponsor the care packages are we able to send them to our troops on the front lines.

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