Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in PDF format – A Guide Book on how the Left Manipulates People

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Shared by:  David M. Batten, January 18, 2013

A must read so that you understand what the Progressives are doing! Your thoughts? (I did verify this is a free version!)

Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals is the last book written by community organizer Saul D. Alinsky, published in 1971 shortly before his death. In it, Alinsky describes his theory and methods of grassroots organizing to the current generation of young activists, largely drawing upon his own experiences. As he writes in the prologue:

What I have to say in this book is not the arrogance of unsolicited advice. It is the experience and counsel that so many young people have questioned me about through all-night sessions on hundreds of campuses in America. It is for those young radicals who are committed to the fight, committed to life.”


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  1. First off I want to say great blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t
    mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing.
    I’ve had trouble clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out there. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints? Many thanks!

    • Reid says:

      Thanks much, Steffen–your comments are appreciated, and I am pleased you are getting something form the work of our great on the right side team! Now, on the writing–Everyone who writes, that I know has that same affliction: the first word. (I am laughing). My solution, and it works for my writing style, also, is to begin with a description of the scene. That done, I have created the stage upon which the characters will act the story, and stepping through the portal into their world–the arc of the story, is almost without thought.

  2. fred says:

    Article1 section10 States may engage in war if invaded or if no time for delay. Borders have been invaded and there is no time for delay. Call out the militia that well regulated citizen state militia that should be doling the job of the tsa- dhs-cia-ncis-state&local Police-& every one else second amendment remember?

  3. blog says:

    Thank you for any other informative blog. The place else may I get that
    kind of ino written in such a perfect means?
    I have a mission that I am just now operating on, and I’ve beesn at the
    look out for such information.

    • Reid says:

      Glad you like the thoughts, Margaret…if you are taking about the write up for the shows that accompany each broadcast–those come form yours truly. The articles are pulled from many many sources, and the great majority of those articles–and that critical information we are purposely diverted from, or worse yet which is otherwise concealed come form no less than our pouring over more than 100 plus sources every week for every show–and trying to limit articles to just 40, which is difficult given the progressives propensity to be attacking in al directions at once. If you would like a list of some of the resources, would be happy to provided–let us know!

  4. Jay Casey says:

    Thanks for the free copy. I didnt want to give money to the left.

    I do have a question though. After going through it I didn’t find the 8 levels of control to make a socialist state.
    Im trying to dig up the origins of it because the left is saying its all made up.

    I want to use it as a weapon against what they are doing but i dont want to look like a fool by not knowing where to find it either.

    Thanks again.

    • Reid says:


      Laughing…the usual Orwellian double speak, non speak from the left. The guy’s name was Saul Alinksy. Simply google him up, choose the article or two you like best, print them and have them handy next time a leftie says it is all made up. You can also google Hillary Clinton College Thesis”, for when they say that was “all made up”.

      Got git ’em!!!

  5. Dale Dorsett says:

    Saul was slick and clever. On one hand you can be drawn into his path of thinking by reasonable points he makes. The book strikes me as a subtle way to draw in the gullible – playing on the sensitivities of people and people’s likes and dislikes. The closest parallel in a quick statement I could summarize is like a person of the black culture reminescent of the fact that slavery USED to exist being played on emotionally and sympathetically by another person. The result is the hyping and focus on injustice and the playing up of the negatives to turn the black person against others in order to create chaos to our system. In other words radicalize that person to rant and rave or at least view all white people with an evil eye – ignoring the good people that are white and focusing on the injustice done as if that injustice is their problem now – until it is a problem now.

    Such subtle manipulation of the other person to drive them into a frenzy or raise hate is symptomatic of the ploys of Lucifer/Satan himself – who Saul honored as the original radical.

    There is an analogy I thought up: there are 3 boys playing catch with a baseball on a baseball field. One gets tired of playing and sits on the bench while the others play. He thinks about things said he heard. He goes to one and says “did you hear what he (the other boy) said about you?”. Later he does the same thing to the other boy after seeing the response build up in the first boy in his actions and looks. The two boys get in a fight. The ‘observer’ laughs and declares “what is wrong with them” doing nothing to stop the ‘entertaining’ fight. The boy sits on a moral high horse criticizing the other two boys as if he had nothing to do with their actions. I equate this to the socialist radicals and the controlled MEDIA that pits people against each other – as if they are observers and not instigators.

    A radical is an instigator – either challenging evil to promote good or challenging good to promote evil. Saul mixes the two tightly to create the facade of good while promoting evil. The most indicting thing about Saul is statements about it being easy to confront Christians because they can’t live up to their own standard. To which I say, at least they are trying to do better and are not complacent with evil and their high standards are a badge of honor – a noble attempt to reach higher vs socialist standards that are so low that anything goes. One other critique is also a BIG ONE – rather than people that disagree with you as simply disagreeing and still can be friends, Saul perverts the difference to the point of calling them ENEMIES. This is atrocious, divisive, and the big seed of chaos and division. Rather than reasoning and listening to each others reasoning’s and discussing things – learn from each other – h;aving knee jerk hate and disapproval of someone that dares to disagree with you. Rather than observe and appreciate what is in common they isolate people and build divisions and hate that lead to chaos. No thank you Saul. Just looking cool on the outside with mellow words does not cover the evil behind the words.

  6. Dale Dorsett says:

    Thanks for the PDF, have the book.

  7. I am incensed that our academic systems are extraordinarily corrupted to the point that the educated American has no knowledge of the Constitution, of Marxism and of the science of propaganda. Our education system ceased teaching objective perspectives on political philosophy within a valid frame of reference. I was once asked, while at a university in Beijing China, if I could extol the virtues of “Socialism.” I replied that with objective study in philosophy that the students could make a valid assessment. As an educator, I have done extensive research in the works of Karl Marx, the science of Marxism and the Communist League together with political ideologies within a proper historical and political frame of reference. The paucity of intellectual responsibility within our academic systems from pedagogy to university graduate studies is astounding. The USA is led politically by the European Union which is the same organization as the Soviet Union but with a different name. The Democratic Party and the RINO, which is a substantial power base on the Political Left. The USA is in the throes of a Marxist Revolution, Alinksy style, led by the Political Left in America. Obama was specifically chosen to finalize the Revolution by the 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

    • Reid says:

      You are correct in all respects, but omitted one critical component–the unholy alliance, which I was the very first in media to speak of, of the Marxist left and radical Islam. The enemies of the Republic play long ball on a three dimensional chess board. The indoctrination of youth through the take over by the alt left of education was not an accident. Remember Hitler’s famous quote, ” I care not what you think, I have your children. Thanks for a great post!

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