The Lawsuit That May Sink Obamacare–Doctor Takes On Obama–IRS–Government–And Reveals In-depth Knowledge Of How This Law Will Hurt Women, Families, The Elderly, Doctors, Hospitals, And YOU–Without Exception–Interactive Map, By State/Gender/Age Of What The “Affordable” Care Act Is Going To Cost You.

Join Reid and Dr. Larry Kawa, D.D.S.–doctor, philanthropist for decades for a startling discussion of the legal Achilles tendon of Obamacare, the lawsuit Larry has brought with Judicial Watch, and several other legal actions that have a high likelihood of surviving and winding their way through the Federal court system like patriotic rule of law arrows to the heart of the act that was passed based on continued and unequivocal lies by the President himself. And Dr. Kawa is not asking for one dime of support. This patriot is taking on the dragon himself. Ironically, it is Obama’s own acts that may serve to undo this statute now hurting millions, raiding premiums and deductibles on all, and extracting a terrible price–to grow only more steep on ladies, elderly, and families. This is the stuff you won’t hear on the main stream media, and certainly not dirty little secrets the administration is going to share. Information is the first line of defense. Don’t miss the slew of articles below, and the interactive map showing price rises by state, gender, and age for all states–a whole additional wealth of information from many sources, along with videos. Sunshine is the disinfectant for this bacteria that has been purposefully injected into the American system–while you were told it was wonder a cure all wonder drug.

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Obamacare begins to threaten everyday Americans “Watch the Video”

What Will Obamacare Cost You?

An interactive guide to understanding the financial impact of the Affordable Care Act. For more on our findings, see the accompanying article by Avik Roy: 49-State Analysis: Obamacare To Increase Individual-Market Premiums By Average Of 41%

Important Articles to Read:

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