A Happy New Year Show! The Universal Energies Of Romance, And It’s Components-Honor, Faith, Family, Community, Happy Endings…Can It Help Heal The American Divide?

Join Reid and four talented Romance Authors from Utah as they explore a literary genre–and it’s tendrils of religious inspiration, modern action, American and western history, adventurous erotica and yes, even the paranormal– that just might serve as one of the healing platforms for the purposefully divisive political climate of today. You will be surprised. Romantic literature is neither a sissy read, nor the formulaic bodice rippers that are it’s stereotype. Far more than that, Modern romance authors incorporate the pillars of American values in their stories–faith, family, constitution, community, honor, loyalty, self reliance–and yes, the epic struggle between right and wrong, and good and evil. Reid, Clancy Metzger, Joy Spraycar, Jennifer Beckstrand, and LisaDeon Williams debate the unifying flow of a writing art that transcends left, right, male, female, race, religion and is known for it’s happy endings and theme of hope. The perfect New Years thought before we roll up our sleeves with the January shows, plunge into the nitty gritty of 2013 and resume our role in the resurrection of America from it’s current intentionally beleaguered state. HAPPY NEW YEAR! THINK ROMANCE! THINK AMERICA!

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  1. carole says:

    I only listened to your show for alittle bit, but it was interesting, romance is universal, everyone wants romance in their lives…what I’ve been observing and since I’ve been taking alot of classes in family parnenting and almost done with a class so I can be a foster parent-some not all young people rich or poor want to raise their kids, they want teachers to teach them manners and values, thats not their job, its the parents, in cllass some of them are married, single and they want to have it all-sure I wI raised ant it all, too! But i needed to be a parent to my kids, not their friend and i see alot of these kids and some aren’t kids just want to party…in class a few know me which they act like were just classmates, I told my story in class, I raisied my kids alone even though I was married, he drank so i had to be the grow-up and teach my kids family values and manners, the way i was brought up manners were quite important, I work with kids some have manners and some don’t, thats ashame…and the way some kids talk to their parents is shameful, I would of punished my kids..now my classmates know how old i am which is ok for its a compliment for most of them had their mouths opened…i was laughing…blushing…one couple told me they need time as a couple, I never had time for me until midnight, I’d read for hours and paid for it in the morning…its ok to have time but you need time for yur kid,too. My faith keeps me going and I still never have time for me until late at night…I’m really off course but these days some of these young couples can’t handle the stress very well, they want an easy way out!

    • Reid says:

      Thanks for those thoughts, Carole…and yep, good romance likely begins with great earlier family values–and those begin at home between parents and children. I am tickled you caught that thought thread in the show–the traditional pillars of American values–family, faith, constitution all woven together by the universal energy of romance on many levels–as typified to the amazement of many in today’s romance writings across a spectrum of genres so wide as to have something for everyone–male or female–and messages that are universally American.

      Have the best of New Years–and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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