The Constitution–Three Pages, More Than 200 Years of Tried and True–Amazing How it’s Clauses Drive the Great Disputes of Today

Join Reid for a look see at the history of the constitution. Think it was a go from the revolutionary war, or that we were a representative republic after the revolutionary war? Nope. It was years later–and in the meantime we were a confederation. The constitution itself–Listen to Reid’s discussion of the various Articles of that incredibly inspired document, what they mean, and the uncanny tie in to the hot topics of today, from immigration, to the military, to the National Guard, to the IRS and to our current overwhelming debt. And then there are the treason and natural born citizen clauses. And, finally, when someone says it’s the law–only if it conforms to the supreme law of the land—THE CONSTITUTION.

Download the 3-page document here.

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